Break The Stigma not Only With Depression; Anti-Depressants Too

When a person begins taking an anti-depressant, the goal is for them to overcome their depression and anxiety and also the symptoms of depression, including increasing appetite, drowsiness in order to get them back on a sleep schedule, and to raise serotonin levels in the brain so that a person may experience happiness. While these prescriptions are not going to heal one’s major depression, it does help in managing the symptoms of it, especially if someone is suffering from something such as seasonal depression (depression that is brought about at around the same time every year, most common in Winter).

Even though these medicines are aimed to help one’s depression, it may worsen anxiety and depression during the first few weeks of use. This is because some people may not respond to the medicine that has been prescribed to them and it may take a couple of tries with different medicines and/or an increase of dosage in order for it to start working for some people. Some people experience potential fatal side effects which include nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea, worsening anxiety, dizziness, reduced sexual desire, headaches, and other side effects as well (Mayo Clinic, 2016).

As these side effects from taking an SSRI such as Prozac or Zoloft can be fatal to the patient, it is important that a patient knows that they may suffer from some of these side effects, so it is crucial that the patient think about it before receiving a prescription from their physician. If any of these side effects persist during the first few weeks of something taking the medicine, you should immediately contact your doctor.


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